Engineering Capabilities

With an on-site engineering department, customers can rest assured that any design, drawings or needed modifications can be done quickly and to needed specifications. Whether it is creating designs or drawings from scratch, off used parts or working with a customer’s existing engineering department, Woven Metal Products is used to a variety of experiences and will do what their customers and partners need to get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you aware that Woven Metal Products is one of only two North American fabrication facilities approved for the UOP punched plate scallop as well as other proprietary designs of well-known licensors in the industry? Woven Metal Products frequently works with licensors, engineers and others to develop the best designs in the industry. With a little upfront planning, WMP can help to make any turnaround, shutdown, outage, capital improvement project, replacement-in-kind project and others, run as smoothly as possible. There are typical questions to ask prior to any project, such as the age of the tower or reactor as well as questions specific to the areas being repaired or replaced. Contact WMP today to discuss your Reactor and Tower planning needs.

Download “Questions for Reactor Planning”

Download “Questions for Tower Planning”