Processing Capabilities

Cutting and forming metal creates stress in the material, causing it to expand and move. Therefore, it takes precise accuracy to fabricate and cut according to specifications. WMP meets or exceeds the standards set within the fabrication industry for tolerances.

As you can see from the download sheet below, WMP meets or exceeds the standards set within the fabrication industry for tolerances. Customers find these tolerances to be the same across all materials that Woven Metal Products manipulates.


A specialty of Woven Metal Products, perforating is done in many shapes and sizes across a variety of materials. WMP has been in the specialty perforating business for more than 30 years and WMP’s perforating machinery can punch and drill through various thicknesses as needed to meet customers’ demands. Common perforated materials and sizes are kept in-stock so that they can be shipped out immediately. WMP offers perforated solutions to a variety of industries such as filtration and separation, oil and gas, architectural and others. But other needs can be completed just as quickly, meeting any extremely tight timeline.

Specialty Fabrication

Fabrication, what Woven Metal Products is known for, far surpasses that of other fabricators. With extreme attention to detail and quality welds at every turn, customers know they are getting the very best when working with WMP. While others may outsource various parts of a job, WMP does most everything in-house, from cutting and rolling to machining – so that all variables can be controlled. While WMP is not a machine shop, these things are done in-house to preserve the best in quality and turnaround time. WMP stocks all common materials so that a turn-around or any other critical project can be completed in a moment’s notice, meeting any tight deadline with ease.

Delivery & Shipment

WMP provides specialized product delivery to vessel fabricators, engineering contractors and any other end-users, directly from its facility. Most shipping containers are specially-made, with each job receiving a specific crating plan to meet the specifications of that job – ensuring a safe and secure transport of parts to their final destination. Because all crates are built in-house, WMP can perfectly match each part to its specific container. And, within a 50-mile radius of WMP, are four major sea ports and two international airports, making shipments by land, sea or air an easy and daily occurrence.

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