February 10th, 2017

Woven Metals Products has decades of experience in fabricating reactor internals to the tightest tolerances in order to ensure process success. Our long established history of innovation and supply for both Axial and Radial flow reactor internals allows us to manufacture diverse parts for a wide range of industrial needs. Any custom internal part or system that goes inside a reactor can be completed at WMP. Whether it is for axial/downflow or radial reactors, we build internals that fully optimize the catalyst and provide superior process flow for maximum output.

We receive engineering drawings to review, or work with customers to create drawings to meet their specifications, prior to beginning production on any needed internals. With a variety of materials always in stock, WMP can complete necessary jobs within tight timelines. This makes WMP a great partner for any refinery, chemical plant, installation company, turnaround company, engineering group or others that need assistance along the way. WMP understands that when internals are needed, it could mean critical processes have stopped or a plant has been shut down. Customers and partners have come to rely on WMP for our expediency, quality work and attention to detail.

Axial/Downflow Internals

In an Axial flow reactor, flow inside the vessel is along the vessel axis. Typically, the vessel axis is vertical. However, horizontal reactors also have similar internals and flows. In most cases, catalyst is filled to a certain height and the liquid or gas flow is either upwards or downwards. The following is a list of products we commonly fabricate for axial reactors.

  • Inlet diffusers
  • Catalyst hold-down/floating screens
  • Trays
  • Support grids
  • Support beams
  • Headers and lateral systems
  • Outlet collectors
  • Elephant stools
  • Axial/Downflow specialty products

Radial Internals

In a Radial flow reactor, the flow inside the vessel is across the catalyst bed and through the entire length of the vessel simultaneously. The internals are critical to ensure retention of the catalyst and superior process flow for maximum output. As a trusted partner and supplier to many licensors, WMP has been the first call for planned outages and emergency repair or replacement components. We have the ability to quickly address and ship complete reactor internals, whether they are needed locally or globally. In many cases, WMP may have a plant’s existing prints saved and on file, which saves time and money in engineering and planning. This is especially helpful when the client does not have prints of their unit on their own. The following is a list of products we commonly fabricate for radial reactors.

  • Inlets
  • Cover decks
  • Scallops and outer baskets
  • Center pipes
  • Regeneration baskets
  • Radial specialty products